5 Tips for Maintaining Food Safety by Eric Pesach Harbor food consultant

Food safety is a serious, complex issue. In order to clarify issues, we decided at Eric Pesach Harbor food consultant to bring to you the Ministry of Health key points in this important area. Any business wishing to operate are subject to the extremely clear rules issued by the authorities in charge of this field. We at Eric Pesach Harbor food consultant provide advice training and study to every business seeking to sell food products and oversee every stage in business planning with them. We make sure that every business will know how to act and comply with the regulations required by law on sanitation, employee safety and safety of customers arriving to dine at the business.
These are 5 main tips for maintaining food safety.
1. Adequate diet – the business must strive to promote a work environment that encourages the use of healthy food and beverages.
2. Encouragement of selecting a healthy diet – the business must not only publish Ministry of Health guidelines wherever required, it must also make sure that the population knows how to make informed nutritional choices.
3. The food chain – the business is responsible for everything pertaining to the food chain, from the various suppliers, who deliver the food and to the arrival of the food at the business, and if the food is imported from outside the country, the business is responsible for everyone involved in the process being professional with the necessary means in accordance with the food delivery law, it is the responsibility of every business requesting to sell food and protect the health of diners.
4. Control over food quality – the manager of the business must make sure that the food it wishes to sell in the business is of sufficient quality in terms of ingredients and in terms of expiration dates and that it complies with all requirements mandated by law.
5. Food assurance – some of the regulations in the law require food consultants who will have the expertise to ensure and facilitate adequate access to food during emergencies and crises.
Eric Pesach Harbor food consultant Safety and Food consultant is familiar with the sanitation and health insurance laws. A professional must always be consulted who will accompany you and help you comply with the regulations as well as the health and welfare of the diners.

We at Eric Pesach Harbor food consultant are at your service at all times if you have any query or request.

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