When you contact Eric Pesach Harbor food consultant you are receiving a company with a clear area of expertise. Food is us.
Eric Pesach Harbor food consultant is a company that, in the 20 years since it opened its doors, based on personal experience of all of its employees.
We specialize in advising cafes and food retailers.
We can provide consulting services from the start of the business to company recovery and streamlining services.
Key highlights:

1. The experience and advice you will receive is rooted in the knowledge, actions and personal experience. All consultants have stood in your shoes and understand the financial risk in the food business.

2. Eric Pesach Harbor food consultant appoints a senior manager who will work directly and continuously with you. Communication is always through said manager.

3. Experts will be involved in the process whenever necessary. The two experts we rely on have extensive experience but key emphasis must be reiterated is that responsibility is solely ours.

4. The partnership is based on your business vision just as it was in our business. Business success is the primary goal and is, for us, one of the reasons why those involved chose to enter this field.

5. Efficiency is our goal. Every day that we can save is worth money for us as well. We are pleased to streamline the processes and become even more efficient than the agreement in our contract with you.

6. Implementation and work methods. We emphasize actions. All of these are accompanied by organized reports of every action performed but we always adhere to the goal, which is practical action that help the business generate profits.

7. Sharing – you the customer are a key part of the consulting process. Every process we implement with the business owner is based on the personality, desires and abilities of the business owner. Every consultation is individual and customized to the business.

8. Monitoring – the entire consulting process is overseen and monitored.

9. Understanding that every expense is difficult; you will know that we understand this and meticulously choose every expense we request.

10. Increase profits – this is the goal to which we are adhering, and profits is what we know how to do.